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Valentines Beauty 3 Ways!

We are all about this fresh relaxed look! The tousled laid back hair and fresh face combined with a sassy red lip and simple cat eye adds just the right amount of appeal. Wave your hair with a wand and shake it out! Flip your hair to the side pucker up with your favorite red lipstick and you are good to go. We love this look for a day date! 

Valentines day is the best day because you get to tap into your girliest 5th grade self! When else do you indulge in the brightest pink and red hearts, candy, love notes, and anything else ridiculously girly and cute! Chances are not often. How about you use this day to get super girly with your look! Pull out your shimmery pinks and be inspired by all things love day related. We love the shimmery pink lids with a bubble gum lip. Still adult, just a little more fun! ;) 

This look is hot, hot, hot! Give your self bedroom eyes with smoked out shadow, highlight your check bones and accentuate your pretty lips with a sheen nude. This is all about looking effortlessly sultry yet done up to the nines. Perfect for a hot date with your Valentine!  

All about skin!

It is our new years resolution to take better care of our skin! This means, no sleeping in makeup, and finding regimens that work best for our skin! 


1. Water is best thing we can do for our skin. Drinking as much water as possible is a sure fire way to get that glow from within! Buying a cute water bottle to reuse is a simple way to get excited about carrying your water around. We are also all about diffusing water with fruits and mint leaves! Goodbye soda, hello water!

Cute water bottles we love are:,,  Fruit Infused,  Glass


2. We cannot stress enough the importance of washing your face! We get that sometimes its the last thing you want to do after a long day. However, this makes all of the difference! Going to bed with dirt and makeup on your face is a sure fire way to clog your pores and cause breakouts. 


3. Scuffing away those dead skin cells is SO important. Removing all of the buildup helps your skin glow to its full potential and makes for a beautiful canvas when applying makeup.  Have you ever moisturized and put on makeup after exfoliating, it's life changing! 


4. Not only are masks fun but they can be great for your skin! We love sheet masks because they are a great way to get good product to really soak into your skin. And like we said they are fun! We recommend spending a little more on these to ensure you are putting quality ingredients on your face. 


5. Lets face it, we are in peoples faces all day. A lot of girls tell us they are oily and do not want to be moisturized! This is generally wrong, most people are oily because their skin is sooooo dry! Skin produces tons of oil to over compensate for the dryness. Force yourself to moisturize every night and morning! Not only will this help prevent wrinkles it will give you healthy, glowing skin! However, it is important to find the right moisturizer for your skin type!


With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.

                                                  Hair by: Hair and Makeup by Steph

                                                  Hair by: Hair and Makeup by Steph

We love flower crowns just as much as the next girl, but we are ready for something new! We love all these styles that incorporate flowers without the typical crown! 

                                                              Picture via Style Me Pretty 

                                                              Picture via Style Me Pretty 

                                                              Picture via Style Me Pretty 

                                                              Picture via Style Me Pretty 

                                                              Picture via Pinterest 

                                                              Picture via Pinterest 

                                                              Picture via Pinterest 

                                                              Picture via Pinterest 

                                                              Picture via Pinterest 

                                                              Picture via Pinterest 

Fun, Flirty, and Bright!

Our beautiful Bride, Monique got married in October of last year. Her wedding was bright and beautiful! All inspired by Kate Spade. How fun is that?! Enjoy this beautiful gallery which is also featured on Style Me Pretty .


The Terrace Club


Wild Bunches


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Greenbelt DJ


Antique Limos Of Austin

The Beauty Bloggers we Love

Lets be real, there are a million and one beauty bloggers these days. It seems that new and amazing girls are popping up every day! While very inspiring it is also overwhelming. We have pulled together a list of our tried and true girls we love to follow! Whether its entertainment or there wealth of beauty knowledge these girls are the best! 




Subscribe to Desi's YouTube channel! 

Not only is Desi beautiful, hilarious, and relate able, shes INSANELY talented. If you aren't following her on Snapchat yet do yourself a favor, NOW. 



 Subscribe to Jaclyn's YouTube channel! 

Jaclyn is funny, beautiful, and TALENTED! If you want to gain some serious knowledge on beauty, Jaclyn is your girl! Her honesty about products and bubbly personality keeps us always coming back for more! 



          Subscribe to Katy's YouTube channel.     

You can count of Katy for two things: Keeping it real, and making you laugh.....hard. Katy is HILARIOUS. If you aren't watching her and her bestie Desi on Snapchat you aren't living. 



 Subscribe to Alexandrea's YouTube channel.       

Alexandrea is the cutest and so fun to follow along! She not only has an amazing style, both fashion and home decor, shes so talented! Make sure to check out her Instagram, it's so good! 



    Subscribe to Carli's YouTube channel.   

We love Carli! She is sweet, genuine, and so good at what she does! If you want a sultry smoky eye or want to learn how to style long thick hair look no futher! 



Subscribe to Kathleen's YouTube channel!

Kathleen is super relate able, down to earth, and amazing at what she does! If you want an honest opinion on products, she's your girl. We also love that she uses drug store products! 



  Subscribe to Nikki's YouTube channel!

Nikki is beyond talented and fun to watch. If you are a glitzy glam girl who loves over the top makeup she is your girl!