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The Beauty Bloggers we Love

Lets be real, there are a million and one beauty bloggers these days. It seems that new and amazing girls are popping up every day! While very inspiring it is also overwhelming. We have pulled together a list of our tried and true girls we love to follow! Whether its entertainment or there wealth of beauty knowledge these girls are the best! 




Subscribe to Desi's YouTube channel! 

Not only is Desi beautiful, hilarious, and relate able, shes INSANELY talented. If you aren't following her on Snapchat yet do yourself a favor, NOW. 



 Subscribe to Jaclyn's YouTube channel! 

Jaclyn is funny, beautiful, and TALENTED! If you want to gain some serious knowledge on beauty, Jaclyn is your girl! Her honesty about products and bubbly personality keeps us always coming back for more! 



          Subscribe to Katy's YouTube channel.     

You can count of Katy for two things: Keeping it real, and making you laugh.....hard. Katy is HILARIOUS. If you aren't watching her and her bestie Desi on Snapchat you aren't living. 



 Subscribe to Alexandrea's YouTube channel.       

Alexandrea is the cutest and so fun to follow along! She not only has an amazing style, both fashion and home decor, shes so talented! Make sure to check out her Instagram, it's so good! 



    Subscribe to Carli's YouTube channel.   

We love Carli! She is sweet, genuine, and so good at what she does! If you want a sultry smoky eye or want to learn how to style long thick hair look no futher! 



Subscribe to Kathleen's YouTube channel!

Kathleen is super relate able, down to earth, and amazing at what she does! If you want an honest opinion on products, she's your girl. We also love that she uses drug store products! 



  Subscribe to Nikki's YouTube channel!

Nikki is beyond talented and fun to watch. If you are a glitzy glam girl who loves over the top makeup she is your girl!