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+ How do I book with LoLa Beauty?

We book up to 1 year in advance. If your wedding is more than a year in away, please check back when you are 12 months out. But, don’t wait too long! We book up very quickly and work on a first-come, first-serve basis. 1 year out is the perfect time to book.

+ How do I secure my date with LoLa Beauty?

With a signed contract and a deposit. (20% of your contract total) You are not officially a booked bride until we have both of those things.

+ What is the LoLa Luxe Package?

The LoLa Luxe Package is $485 and is our full service (and most popular) package. It includes: A trial run of hair and makeup Wedding day hair and makeup Lashes, airbrush foundation, extension application, etc (if desired) Any on-site travel within the Austin City Limits High-quality makeup and hair kits Extra time and attention alloted for the bride on wedding day

+ What is the best way to get in touch with LoLa Beauty?

E-mail! We stay very busy with appointments during the week and weddings on the weekends, so please contact us via email and give us at least 48 hours to respond. (Especially over the weekends). If you call, be sure to leave a voicemail so we can get back to you. Please do not message us via social media because we don’t always see those.

+ How can I check your availability for my wedding date?

Please fill out the contact form on our website.

+ What if I don’t know who wants hair and makeup done for my wedding?

We book our artists and make our schedules based on the numbers you provide for us. You will need to make asking them a priority in order for us to give you an accurate proposal and quote. Once numbers are added to the contract, they cannot be removed without penalty. Numbers can be increased, but we do take multiple bookings and we may have to say no. For these reasons, we appreciate an accurate count as soon as possible.

+ Do you have a minimum number of services required to book?

Yes. Feb-Jun and Sept-Dec we require a minimum of 12 services for Saturday weddings and 10 services for Fri/Sun weddings. Each service individually counts as 1. So, for example, your hair and makeup would be 2 Essentially, you need 6 total people getting both hair and makeup (including yourself). Jan, July, and Aug, please inquire. Services on seperate days aside from the wedding do not count toward the total number. Flower girls also do not count toward the total.

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+ Do you provide a trial run?

Yes! We include ONE trial of hair and makeup in the LoLa Luxe package. We highly suggest a trial so that you can figure out your wedding day look, meet your stylist, and test out the hair and makeup. Additional sessions are always available for $185.

+ What days are available to schedule trial runs?

We stay VERY busy with weddings over the weekends, so we can only schedule trials Mondays-Thursdays for this reason. Our salon is by appointment only, and because we don’t hold traditional business hours, we are able to schedule trials early mornings or late evenings, if necessary.

+ What happens at the trial run?

Trials are a great way to get an idea of exactly what you want for wedding day. Sometimes, you aren’t sure of how something will look on you until you give it a try! But, let’s get the experiments out of the way prior to the big day. Trials consist of a full consulation of hair and makeup and take place at our studio. They last approximately an hour per service. So, if you are getting both hair and makeup, please allow for 2 hours at your appointment.

+ How do I prepare for my trial run?

We prefer to work on CLEAN, DRY hair. We only offer dry-styling as a service, so please arrive with completely dry hair. Use the weeks leading up to the trial to prepare your skin. Wax, get a facial, hydrate, spray tan, etc. Whatever you are going to do for your wedding, try to do it before the trial as well so you can get a clear idea of how it will all work together! The first step to beautiful makeup is well-prepared skin. Also, bring your accessories if you have them. (Veil, hair jewlrey, extensions, etc)

+ Who can I bring to my trial run?

Whoever you’d like! However, we do ask that you limit your guests to 2. We often have multiple trials happening at once and our studio can becoming crowded very quickly.

+ When is the best time to trial?

We can only guarantee an artist if you trial within 6 months of your wedding. Otherwise, the person you trial with may not be your wedding day artist. Many times, brides will book us for engagements, but then schedule a second session closer to the big day for their wedding trial.

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+ Do you come to me?

For the trial, you will need to come to our studio. For wedding day, yes! We will travel to you. You also have the option of booking our studio if you choose.

+ Is there a travel fee?

The LoLa Luxe package includes travel within Austin City Limits. Anything outside of Austin does require a travel fee.

+ How many people are you able to accommodate?

As many as you can throw at us! (As long as we aren’t already booked). We have done 27 hairs and 27 makeups at one wedding before. Can you beat that?

+ How long does it take for each person?

This is a tough question because it varies depending on length/amount of hair, style chosen, amount of makeup desired, etc. However, as a general rule, hair takes approximately 30-35 min and makeup takes approx 40-45 min. We reserve at least an hour and a half for the bride on wedding day.

+ How do I choose what style I want for my wedding day?

Don’t worry, A LOT of our brides are unsure of they want. We suggest browsing Pinterest and Instagram and saving photos of women that are representative of yourself . For example, if you have dark hair, we recommend searching for hairstyles on women with dark hair. That will help you to get an idea of how the style you choose might look on you. Same goes for length/amount of hair, eye shape, skin tone, etc. If you are still unsure, we are here to help! We can offer some suggestions that will best suit you and can give advice based on our expertise.

+ I don’t normally wear makeup. Is there a way to have my makeup done, but not look over the top?

Absolutely! A majority of our brides wear little to no makeup in their daily lives. We do not have just one standar makeup application. This is the perfect occasion to take it up a notch! But at LoLa Beauty, we specialize in enhancing your natural beauty while creating a look that is flawless in photos. It’s an art that we feel we have mastered!

+ Do you provide false lashes?

Yes, EVERY package comes with false lashes. Even for Grandma if she wants them!

+ How do we prepare for wedding day?

We ask that everyone comes with CLEAN, DRY hair and a makeup-free, moistured face. This is a big one. People tend to show up with wet (or damp) hair and it can set us back on time. Please remind your bridal party and family to come with completely dry hair.

+ Are clip-in extensions included?

For the bride, yes. For the bridal party/family, no. They are an additional $25 and we need to know ahead of time if anyone will be needing extensions applied so that we can allow extra time.

+ What do the stylists need on wedding day?

Plenty of table space, outlets, short chairs, and natural light (if possible!). Other than that, we provide everything including tall makeup chairs, extra lighting, and fully stocked kits.

+ How many stylists will be at my wedding?

The number of stylists we send will be based upon the amount of services booked in combination with the amount of time we have to get you ready. We require 5 hours for every 8 services booked. If you are unable to give us the time we require, then you will need to hire an additional artist ($125). A lot of venues don’t let you in until a certain time, so be sure to check with them when considering your getting ready location!

+ What is my “must be ready” time?

That is the time that the stylists need to be completely finished with hair and makeup. Please take into consideration travel to the venue, getting into your dress, photos (getting ready, robe photos, bridal party photos, first looks, etc), guests’ arrival, and buffer time before the ceremony.

+ When is my final balance due?

At least 30 days prior to the event. You can pay ahead of time if you’d like as well.

+ What kind of payments do you accept?

Venmo (our preferred method!) to @LoLa-Beauty Cash Check made to LoLa Beauty (Must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the event) PayPal (via “friends and family” only) to info@lolabeautyatx.com Card (with 3% processing fee) Must call in advance with card information.

+ Can my bridal party make separate payments?

No. If your bridal party are paying for their services, please have them pay you. We only accept ONE transaction for the balance.

+ Is gratuity included?

Yes. An 18% gratuity is included, and can be paid with your final balance on wedding day. The gratuity amount will be added to the proposal and will include gratuity for the trial.

+What is your cancellation policy?

If you decrease the numbers on your contract you will be responsible for 50% of the cancelled service.